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CEREC Same-Day Crowns

We understand your time is precious which is why we offer Same Day Crowns by CEREC.

Your time is valuable, and here at ProCare Dental in Rancho Cordova, we understand. Life can get hectic and between work, family life, social life and "me time," who has time for multiple visits to the dentist to get a crown on one tooth? It's an inconvenience, and you have to get shots each visit, who wants that? You don't have to settle for those standards anymore. Here in Rancho Cordova, Dr. Anosh and his team are proud to be one of only a few dental offices in the Rancho Cordova areas to offer Same Day Crowns by CEREC.

What is CEREC and How Does It Work?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics. The CEREC allows us to take digital video impressions of your teeth, thus eliminating those icky gooey impressions. It also allows us to start and finish your crowns in one visit, that means getting numb only once versus having to get numb at a second appointment the traditional way!

We first prep your tooth just as if we are going to do a traditional crown, but instead of taking an impression with the messy impression material, we take a digital video impression which shows up immediately on the CEREC monitor (no more gagging). We then design your crown right in front of you and wirelessly send the information to our milling machine. The milling machine is similar to a 3-D printer and uses very precise drill bits to grind your crown out of a prefabricated block of porcelain. That's pretty much it! Saves you time with fewer appointments and shots! Who doesn't want that?

Does it really take just one visit to the dental office?

Yes! The work that the dental lab would traditionally do is now done in our Rancho Cordova clinic while you relax in our comfy chairs playing on your phone. The process takes a few more minutes than the traditional manner, but the upside is you don't have to take off work or get a babysitter again to come back 3 weeks later and get another shot and have the crown cemented on.

Are CEREC crowns more expensive?

No, CEREC crowns are the same cost as laboratory fabricated porcelain crowns.

Are CEREC crowns strong and durable?

Yes. They are just as strong, if not stronger, in compression testing than traditional gold crowns. They also fit much more precise than traditional laboratory fabricated crowns, thus they last longer. At ProCare Dental we guarantee them for 5 years, just ask us about our "Crown Warranty" for porcelain crowns and fillings.